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About this Site contains technical information about the site and links to the main pages.

About the R.W.A. outlines the purpose, position and objects of the R.W.A. and leads to information about the Association's Officers, Committees and Areas.

Archives and Records is the main "historical" page of the site and provides links to lists of past R.W.A. National Champions and National Officers, Committee information, best performances, past International Champions and the Commonwealth Games achievements of walkers from England, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Books about Walking is a constantly developing list of – so far – about 200 books about race walking, divided (roughly) into "Technique and Training", "History" and "Miscellaneous" (some of them very miscellaneous indeed). You are invited to contribute additional titles.  Click HERE

Club Contacts provides information on Clubs interested in race walking, with as much contact information as is available. Corrections and additions are welcome. Click HERE

Fixtures lists "all the domestic races known to the Fixtures Coordinator, certain events (meetings, squad weekends, etc.) that may have a bearing on fixtures and selected overseas races".

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to come of the more common queries

Home leads everywhere

Interested in Walking? suggests why the non-walker may wish to take up the sport, offers an Introductory Pack and provides the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Links has a selection of about fifty links to sites likely to be of interest to the race walker. Suggestions for others are always welcome. Click HERE

Officers lists the National and Area Officers of the Association (with a note of the geographical responsibilities of the three Areas).

News gives information about the latest events and developments and provides a link to news items that have been deleted from the main page because of staleness.

Outside Walking Contacts, for the benefit of those not in the R.W.A. territory, has contacts for race walking in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Quick Index to this Site provides easy links to the main topics covered, including those in the Secondary Pages.

The Quick Tour is this page

Race Walking Record has information about the Association's monthly magazine (with a picture of the current front page) and a link to Record's own web site.

Rule230 contains the text of the I.A.A.F. Rule governing race walking.

The 200 Club is a monthly lottery designed to raise finance for the R.W.A. and to give the participants a sporting chance of winning prizes.

Topical Links gives access to certain sites of time-limited significance – the Olympic Games, etc.

 will eventually contain directions to the non-track locations used for race walking; there is also a link to a directory of all tracks in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

And finally, The Lighter Side contains some interesting references to race walking in places where they might not be expected; after all, all walk and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

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