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1 A book containing a large bibliography of books (all those published in the Untied Kingdom and Ireland) on athletics is:
McNab, T., Lovesey, P. & Huxtable, A.: An Athletics Compendium;
The British Library, Wetherby, England, 2001; ISBN: 0 7123 1104 1; 261 pp; £30·00. The seeker after athletics references is recommended to read the book. Most of the entries have short commentaries and it has the distinction of being a readable reference work.
Remarks from this work given below are marked (TM)

Another bibliography is:
Strangman, S.: An Annotated Bibliography of Race Walking and Related Subjects, with Particular Reference to the Young Athlete; National Sport Information Centre, Belconnen, ACT, Australia, 1990.
Remarks from this work given below are marked (SS).

2 Many people from several countries have contributed to this list by lending books, providing information or offering comments. Remarks by them against individual items are indicated by their initials; otherwise the remarks are by Peter Cassidy:
Australia Jill Huxley (JH)
Canada Sherry Watts (SW)
England Jan Adams (JA); Brian Ficken (BF); Geoff Dowling (GD); Ray Hall (RH); Charlie Megnin (CM); John Powell (JP); Chris Smith (CS); Tim Watt (TW)
Ireland Pierce O'Callaghan (PO)
Italy Rafaello Ducceschi (RD); Marco Martini (MM)
New Zealand Jack Tregurtha (JT)
Spain Rodrigo García Maturana (RG)
U.S.A. Phil Howell (PH); Dave McGovern (DM); Jack Mortland (JM); Jeff Salvage (JS); Elaine Ward (EW)
Wales Dave Ainsworth (DA)

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3 Many Club, County, Area and Association histories contain references to race walking; they are noted here only if they contain significant material on the subject. 4 Periodicals are included in McNab et al; see Note 1, above.  

The books are rather arbitrarily classified as Technique & Training [TT] - History & Biography [HB] - Miscellaneous [M]
Where appropriate a title may be listed in more than one category with cross-references.
A * in the Author column indicates that the book is wholly or largely in a language other than English.
The number of separate titles is 241.

Abrahams, H. & Crump, J. Athletics  Naldrett Press, London, England, 1951 The chapter on race walking is by Harold Whitlock.
Andrews, H. A few practical hints to amateurs on training for walking, running and other athletic sports  Austin, London, England, 1876 Has special material on long-distance walking.
Anon.(1) (Also HB) The Sport of Race Walking R.W.A., Ruislip, England, 1962 History, technique and results. Probably edited by A.A. Harley and written by a number of contributors. Contains 24 drawings of walkers by C.A.Evans. [Published price, 5/-]
Anon.(5) Practical Training for the Million Harrison, London, England, 1862 "or How to run, walk,jump, box, ride, row. etc." 26 engavings; the 2nd edition of 1863 had 30. (TM)
Andrews, H. & Alexander, W.S.P.  The Secret of Athletic Training Methuen, London, England, 1925 "A backward-looking view of athletics training....Mainly devoted to training for
 and walking." (TM)
Barrett, A.O. Race Walking. Practical Hints  Robertson and Mullens, Melbourne, Australia, 1948 Described as a booklet by the Australasian race walking champion of 1905 (SW)
Bohlen, B.
Walking Promotions, Medford, N.J., U.S.A,, 2009
Seeks to convert "Baby boomers" from running to race walking. Includes overview, rules, technique and profiles of walkers. (PH)
Bollini, A. & Whitlock, H.  Marciatori Sperling & Kupfer, Milan, Italy, 1962 Coaching. In Italian, including a translation of Whitlock, H.H. (JP)
Bös, K. & Saam, J. *
Tipps für Walking Meyer & Meyer Verlag, Germany In German
Bös, K. & Saam, J. *
Walking Gondrom Verlag, Germany, 2001 In German
Bunner, G.  Pace-Setter; Working with Young Athletes England, 2003 Contains a section on race walking. (CS) 
Carlson, B. Walking for Health, Fitness and Sport Fulcrum, Golden, Colorado, U.S.A.,? Includes an extensive section on race walking (JM)
Carlson, B. & Seiden, O.J. Health Walk  Fulcrum, Golden, Colorado, U.S.A., 1988 Includes a chapter on race walking (JM)
Carr, G. Fundamentals of Track and Field  Human Kinetics, Lower Mitcham, S.A., Australia, 1991 Addressed to the coaches of young athletes. Has a chapter on race walking longer than the ones on long jump and steeplechase.
Chen, Y. & Rudow, M. Yueling Chen's Secrets of Walking U.S.A., 2002 "In this fast-paced, well-illustrated book, you'll learn how to use the efficient and effective techniques and training methods of Yueling Chen to help you reach your own health and fitness goals for walking, the world's safest and most productive fitness sport and activity." (Advertisement)
Cummings, G. Walking for Road and Track Link House, 1934 (2nd edition, 1947) Largely an exercise in self-advertisement, with descriptions of some of his "record" walks, often over strange routes, such as Hartlepool to Hull; he was an enthusiast for self-massage and devotes a deal of space to the subject. A book that is worth reading, not least because the author was really the last of the professional line.
Damilano, M. *
Camminare... Sperling & Kupfer, Milan, 1990 In Italian
Davis, J.T. Walking Andrews & McNeel, Kansas City, U.S.A., 1979  
Delore, M. *
La Marche Sportive ? In French
Dickey, T., Ed. Walking and Running; the complete guide Time-Life, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1990 ISBN 0 7054 0729 2 Clearly ahead of its time; it says "Make sure your knee is straight when your leading foot hits the ground" (CS) 
Dix, E.F. Youth Race Walking Manual El Nido Publications, Albuquerque, U.S.A., 1989 "This is the only comprehensive English language book directed exclusively to the young race walker reader" (SW)
Eastler, T.
Racewalking! Fun?
Bedazzled Ink Pub.Co. , ??? 2008  ISBN 1934452076
Introduction for youngsters.
Fenton, M. & McGovern, D. Precision Walking Polar, Southam, England Produced by the heart-rate monitor makers; for the complete beginner
Finley, W. & Weinstein, M. Racewalking- A safe and healthy alternative to jogging. Exercise for total body fitness Stephen Green Press, Lexington, U.S.A., 1985 ISBN 0 82890534 7  
Fruktov, A. *
Sportivanya Khodyba Moscow, 1961 Coaching with short historical survey; in Russian (JP)
Gehrig, U.  *
Walken Technik BLV Verlag, Germany, 2001 In German
Graham, J. & Clark, E.H.  How to walk Evening News, London, England, 1904 "The whole art of training without a trainer"
Gray, J. Racewalking for Fun & Fitness Prentice Hall, Englewood, U.S.A., 1985  "Basic handbook for the beginner (SS) 
Hall, C.  The modern mehtod of training for running, walking, rowing and boxing Ward Lock, London, England, 1890 A revision by E.T.Sachs of the 1863 edition of Westhall (1)
Heaton, J.  Better Athletics - field with cross-country and race walking Kaye & Ward, London, 1973 Aimed at the younger reader (TM)
Hervet, R. & Bohain, L.-Y. La Marche - de la Randonée à la Competition Paris, 1982 In French (JP)
Higdon, H. How to Train Rodale, Emmaus, PA, U.S.A., 1997 Contains a chapter on walking
Holoubek, J. *
Sportovni Chuze Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1963 Coaching booklet; in Czech (JP)
Hopkins, J.(1) Race Walking B.A.A.B., London, 1976 Official coaching book. See also Markham, P.; Whitlock, H.H.
Hopkins, J.(2) First Steps R.W.A., London, n.d. Introductory pamphlet
Howard, H.  Physical training and how to Run, Jump and Walk London, England, 1862 Howard was a well-know professional athlete and his book proved very popular (TM)
Iknoian, T. Walking Fast... Human Kinetics, U.S.A., 1998
ISBN 0-88011-661-7
Innes, H. W. (Also HB) Race Walking Ewart, Seymour & Co., London, England, n.d. "A Primer of the Sport" An idiosyncratic view of race walking past and (as then) present. Apparently published in 1910. [Published price, 1/-] TM also describes it as "idiosyncratic"
Jacobson, H. Racewalk to Fitness. The Sensible Alternative to Running and Jogging Simon and Schuster, New York, U.S.A., 1980  
Juncosa, Juan Cross-country y March Athletica Editorial Sintes, Spain, 1974  The second part is about race walking; history, exercises, training, rules....(RG)
Korolyov. G.I. (1) *
(Also HB,M)
Da Zdravstvuyet Khodyba Mir Atlyetov, Moscow, Russia,2003
ISBN 5-98489-001-1
"Bible of Human Walking" In Russian. English Language version to be published late 2004/early 2005
Korolyov, G.I.
Khodba Chelovyeka: Sovremenniye Kiriterii Khodybi i Bega
Mir Atletov, Moscow, Russia, 2008 ISBN 978-5-98489-009-0
"Human Walking: Contemporary Criteria of Foot Racing and Running" Contains lists of Records at the time of publication. In Russian
Laird, R.(1) Competitive Race Walking  Tafnews Press, 1972, Los Altos, U.S.A.
An excellent book at the time, including action photos (JM)
Laird, R. (2) The Art of Fast Walking Ron Laird, Ashtabula, Ohio, U.S.A., 1997  Covers all aspects of the sport from his perspective as an international athlete (JM)
Larner, G.E. Text Book on Walking: exercise- pleasure-sport Health & Strength, Ltd., London, 1909  By the double Olympic Champion of 1908. Deals with technique, training methods, diet, racing tactics, etc. Describes the Olympic races and recommends some country strolls. Also advocates cross-country walking races!
Lévesque, D. *
La Marche Sportive Guy Saint-Jean, Laval, Quebec, Canada, 1990 ISBN 2-920340-54-9 Subtitle: "Pour la santé et la forme" In French 
McGuire, F. (1) Training for Race Walking Track & Field News, California, U.S.A., 1962 Also includes details of leading walkers (JP)
McGuire, F. (2)
Race Walking for Everyone; a low impact aerobic exercise
The Rotary Club, U.S.A., 1987

McGovern, D. (1) The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training World Class Publications, Mobile, U.S.A., 1998
ISBN 0-9662176-0-8
All aspects covered by a leading American coach
McGovern, D. (2) The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking  World Class Publications, Mobile, U.S.A., 2000 ISBN 0-9662176-2-4 Training to walk and race walk marathons by a leading American coach (DM)
Malkin, M. (1) Aerobic Walking Wiley & Sons, 1995 About walking for health [CG] See also Malkin (2)
Malkin, M. (2) La Marcha Aerobica 1996 Ed. Mortinez Roca. Translation of Malkin (1); in Spanish (CG)
Markham, P. Race Walking B.A.A.B., London, England,1989 Official coaching book. See also Hopkins, J.(1); Whitlock, H.H.
Marples, M. Shanks's Pony: a study of walking J.M.Dent & Sons, London, England, 1959 Mentioned in Anon.(1) "The second chapter 'Heel and Toe' (pp20-29), is concerned withthe early pedestrian athletes, among them Captain Barclay, Foster Powell, George Wilson and Abraham Wood" (TM)
McStravick, B.
Royal Navy Athletics
The Royal Navy, London, England, ?1991
Produced for the benefit of elementary level teachers and coaches in schools. Has a fairly rudimentary section on race walking.
Meyers, C. (1)  Aerobic Walking Vintage, U.S.A., 1987 Includes section on race walking (JM) [New edition projected (9/2/2006)]
Meyers, C. (2) A Complete Guide to Complete Exercise Random House, New York, U.S.A., 1992 Includes section on race walking (JM)
Morrison, J. Racewalking...How to Get Started Running Journal, Concord, NC, U.S.A., late 1980s 13-page booklet (JM)
Murray, G. The Gentle Art of Walking Blackie, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1939 Mentioned in Anon.(1)
Mussabini, S.A.(1) Running, Walking and Jumping: track and field athletics, a book on how to train Foulsham, London, England, 1926 Mentioned in Anon.(1) "....must have seemed an old-faahioned approach even in 1926" (TM)
Mussabini, S.A. (2)  The Complete Athletic Trainer  Methuen, London, England, 1913 "...these cobwebs of the nineteenth century should not deter the reader for this is a fine book..."(TM) One of the cobwebs is that Mussabini was an enthusiast for purgatives.
Mussabini, S.A. (3) Track and Field Athletics Foulsham, London, England, n.d. A reissue of Mussabini (1), apparently in the 1950s (there is a photograph of "R.G. Bannister, Olympic Games, in action") with the "Art Section" of illustrative photographs and Muybridge sequences omitted TM's comment for Mussabini (1) is even more appropriate! The author had died in 1927.
Neil, C.L. Walking: a practical guide to pedestrianism for athletes and others C.Arthur Pearson, London, England, 1903  
Otto, H. *
Der Gehsport
Gretlein, Leipzig, Germany, 1910[?]
Subtitled "Training, Technik und Taktik des Schnel-l, Gepäch- und Dauergehens. In German
Rasmussen.E and Lassen, P. (1) [Also HB] *
Kapgang Dansk Gangforbund, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1962 Coaching & Statistics; in Danish (JP)
Rudow, M. (1)  Race Walking World Publications, 1975 (CG)
Rudow, M. (2) Advanced Racewalking Technique Publications, Seattle, U.S.A., 1992 (3rd edition)  
Ruggero, S. and Simone, D. *
Walking-allenarsi camminando Elika, Cesena, Italy, 1999 In Italian
Salvage, J.[Also HB] Race Walk Like a Champion- Technique, Training and History Walking Promotions, Medford, NJ USA, 2004
ISBN: 0-9655328-3-6
Contains material on U.S.A. race walking history
Salvage, J. & Westerfield, G.  Walk Like an Athlete  Salvage Writes Pubs., Marlton, NJ, U.S.A.1996 Pretty popular in the U.S.A. (JA)
Sandlands, J.P. Walking, and the principles of training Smith's, London, England, 1903 "The tone suggests that Sandlands was something of an eccentric"(TM) Nonetheless, his protégé Dickinson walked 600 miles in 10 days.
Schmidt, F.A. & Miles, E.H  The Training of the Body for Games... Swan Sonnenschein, London, England, 1901 A scholarly analysis...Pages 344-356 are on walking (TM)
Sedlak, V.
The Walking Woman
United States Shoe Corporation, Cincinatti, U.S.A., n.d.
40pp booklet on walking for women for fitness and health; contains a section on race walking.
Shearman, Sir M.
Badminton Library, London, England, 1890
An Edition of Athletic and Football with the Football half omitted. There was a new edition in 1904, with additional material, including some in the chapter on walking. See also the following entry.
Shearman, Sir M. Athletics and Football Badminton Library, London, England, 1887 A 17pp chapter by one of the founders of the A.A.A., in which no holds are barred! Contains a section on paper-chasing and cross-country by the irascible Walter Rye.There was a fourth edition, published in London by Longmans Green in 1894. See also the previous entry
Shimko, A. Walking to Health, Mind & Medals Ukraine, 1995 English language download version available on
Svenska Gångförbundet  *
Gång Svenska Gångförbundet, Stockholm, Sweden, 1969 Swedish Walking Federation coaching manual; in Swedish (JP)
Temple, C. (ed)
An Introduction to Cross-Country Running and Race Walking for Girls
W.C.C.R.W.A., Birmingham (?), England, 1973
The Walking sections are by Doreen Nelson Neal, Paul Nihill and Judy Farr.
Tregurtha, J. [Also HB] Race Walking in New Zealand New Zealand Race Walking Association, Hatings, N.Z., 2003 Introduction to technique, training principlea, history of race walking in N.Z. with Champions, representatives, etc.
Valenti, P.  *
Guida del Marciatore Dilettante Rizzoli, Milan, Italy, 1976 In Italian
Walker, D.  British manly exercises.... T.Hurst, London, 1834 "A famous book of exercise which includes running, walking and jumping....reiteration of Captain Baarclay's training methods, which by the mid-nineteenth centruy had become the standard procedure...."(TM) Purging and strong ale figured highly. For information on the susequent editions of 1834, 1835, 1840,1847, 1855 and 1860, the reader is referred to McNab et al.
Walsh, J.H., et al The Handbook of Manly Exercises Routledge, London, England, 1864 Includes walking
Ward, E. (1) Introduction to the Technique of racewalking U.S.A. For beginners
Ward, E. (2) Walking Wisdom for Women U.S.A. For beginners
Ward, E. (3)  Masters Racewalking U.S.A. For intermediate to advanced walkers. 30 American coaches and athletes share ideas on technique, training and racing (EW)
Ward, E. (4) Mobility Exercses for Racewalking N.A.R.F., Pasadena, U.S.A., 1991  
Ward, E. (5) Fast Race Walking and Training U.S.A. Accompanies the video "How to walk faster-tips from the pros." (EW)
Webster, F.A.M. (3)
Lessons in Athletics
A.Wander, London, England, n.d. (1938)
An advertising book promoting Ovaltine; short chapter on race walking with exemplary photographs of Whitlock, Pope, Cooper, Churcher & Mikaelsson
Westhall, C. (1) Hints upon training London, England, 1860? The author ( a nom de plume for Charles Hall, was the first man to walk 21 miles in 3 hours. The 1863 edition was The modern method of training for running, walking, rowing and boxing, including hints on exercise, diet, clothing.
Westhall, C. (2) Training for Pedestrianism Ward Lock, London, England, 1868  
Westhall, C. isee also Hall, C.      
Westhall, C., et al.  Manly exercises, Sports and Games Dean, London, England, 1877 The authors are described as "the Champion Players of Old England"; Westhall was responsible for the walking and running sections
Whitlock, H.H. Race Walking A.A.A., London, England, 1957 Official coaching book. See also Hopkins, J.(1); Markham, P.
Williamson, N.  Every Beginner's Guide to Walking, Jogging and Running Juta, Kenwyn, South Africa, 1994 One chapter on walking
Woods, J. Step by Step Walking The Author, Sydney, Australia, 1962 "Intended as a guide to female race walkers." (SS)
Yeoumans, A.T., et al.
Training for athletics: a comprehensive manual dealing with all branches of sport
Health and Strength, London, England, 1908
Yeoumans, an Olympic competitor in 1908, contributed the material on walking
Zambaldo, A. *
La Marcia Atletica Sperling & Kupfer, Milan Italy, 1975 In Italian


Abrahams, H.M.
Fifty Years of A.A.A. Championships
Carborundum Co., Trafford Park, England, 1961
Brief summary of the Championships, 1911-1961, with occasional references to walking.
Allen, G.H. From Land's End to John O'Groats, being an account of his record walk Fowler, London, England, 1905 Record of the author's 17-day achievement
Andreotti, P., Frasca, A. & Salvarezza, F. *
Un Uomo Solo al Comando
Marci Club Centro Lazio, Rome, Italy, 2002
Biography of Giuseppe Dordoni [In Italian]
Angle, B.J.  My sporting memories R.Holden, London, England, 1925 A chapter on the Brighton walks by the starter at the 1903 Stock Exchange event
Anon.(1) (AlsoTT) The Sport of Race Walking R.W.A., Ruislip, England, 1962 History, technique and results. Probably edited by A.A. Harley and written by a number of contributors. [Published price, 5/-].
Anon.(3)  Life of Foster Powell R.H.Westley, London, England, 1793  
Anon.(6) Untitled Unpublished One typescript (undated) and two manuscripts (1955 and 27th Feb, 1969) (c. 3000 words in total) on the history of walking in Queens Park Harriers, England. In the possession of P.J.Cassidy
Anon.(8) Particulars of the late Mr.F.Powell's journey on foot, from London to York, and back again in the year 1772 J.Fowler, London, England, 1793 The round trip was about 400miles. "This appears to be one of the earliest records of a pedestrian performance." (TM)
Anon.(10) *
Olympia 1936 *
Cigaretten-Dienst Altona-Bahrenfeld, Berlin, Germany, (1936?)
Report on the Olympic Games, with full results, etc. Vol.1 coverns the Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Vol.2 the Summer Games in Berlin. The 50k walk is covered with a phorograph of Harold Whitlock. (Given the situation at the time, it is remarkable that there are six photographs of Jesse Owens, together with others of black athletes.) In German
Olympic Games Antwerp 1920 Official Report *
Comité Olympique Belge, Brussels, Belgium, 1957 (sic)
Includes a brief report on the walks (3000m and 10000m). The delay in producing the report arose from the insolvency suffered by the Organising Committee in 1920; The C.O.B. belatedly produced the Report for the sake of completeness. In French
The Centurions A History
The Centurions, England, 2011
The history of the Brotherhood, published in celebration of its centenary.
Astley, J.D.
Fifty Years of My Life in Sport
Hurst & Blackett, London, England, 1894
Autobiography of the promoter of several six-day and similar events in the late ninetheenth century; interesting balance-sheets of the "shows", as he called them.
Avé, A., ed. *
Les Jeux de la VIIIe Olympiade: Rapport Officiel
Comité Olympique Français, Paris, France, 1924
Offical Report on the Paris Olympic Games. Includes a report, with photographs of the 10000m walk, including the famous incident of the disqualification, reinstatement (with the resignation of the judges) and second disqualification of the Austrian Kuhnert. In French
Ayton, M.
The Star Walk: Reflections and Records 1922-2000
Arc Publishing and Print, Sheffield, England, 2008
History of the Sheffield Star Walk from foundation to termination. The event is dealt with decade by decade with many illustrations. The author was beaten "by a nose" in 1954 in the closest-ever finish, recording the same time as the winner.
Baker, K.
The 1908 Olympics
SportsBooks, Ltd., Cheltenham, England, 2008
A behind-the-scenes view of the event and some of those involved. The list of results omits the 10 miles walk.
Baldini, C.E. *
Maratona di marcia, appunti per una storia, 1898-2012
ASAI, Brescia, Italy, 2012
304 richly illustrated pages about the history of the italian 50 kms race walking championships (first edition in 1929) and its predecessors, the national championships of endurance race walking.  (MM) In Italian
Benton, T.  A fine spirit: a centenary history of Newham and Essex Beagles A.C., 1887-1987 The Club, North Weald, England, 1987 The section on race walking is by Colin Young (CG)
Beramou, G.  *
La Victoire en Marchant ? Story of Paris-Strasbourg up to 1959. In French
Bicknell, J.L. A brief vindication of the legality of the late proceedings against George Wilson, the Blackheath pedestrian W.Clarke, London, England, 1815 A discussion of the legal implications (TM)
Bogatiriov, E. *
Vladimir Golubnichi Editorial Progreso, Moscow, 1979 Biography of the multiple Olympic medallist; in Spanish (CG)
Brown, S., Editor Unbroken Contact.... Surrey Walking Club, Chew Magna, England, 1999 Centenary History of the Club
Brown, R., Brown, S. et al Long at the Top ?, England, 1994 Athletic biographies of Richard and Sandra Brown
Callow, H.A.
History of the Chiipenham to Calne Road Walk
?, England, n.d. (?1989)
Short history of the event, illustrated.
Chambers, R., ed. The Book of Days Chambers, London, England, 1863 Deals with Barclay's performances, etc.
Coe, S., with Mason, N.  The Olympians: a century of gold Pavilion, London, England, 1996 Contains a chapter on Don Thompson. (TM)
Cook, O. & Smith, S.  The Saturday Book Hutchinson, London, England, 1951 Compares the exploits of Gale and Barclay in some detail (TN)
Cook, T.A.
The Fourth Olympiad
British Olympic Council, London, England, 1909
"Being the Official Report of The Olympic Games of 1908 celebrated in London Under the Patronage of His Most Gracious Majestry King Edward VII". The work is as detailed as its title and contains reports of the heats and finals of the 10 miles and 3500 metres walks.
Crawley, R. (pseudonym of G.F.Pardon)  Gymnastics London, England, 1890 "....also highlights the achievements of the great little professional walker, Perkins...."(almost certainly the first man to walk eight miles in an hour. (PM)
Cumming, J.  Runners and Walkers; a Nineteenth Century Sports Chronicle Regency Gateway, Chicago, U.S.A., 1981  Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Damilano, S. (1) 100 Years of Race Walking Graph Art, Manta, Italy, 2003  590 pages of results from the principal international Championships, Games and Cups, with rankings of walkers; many black and white photographs; in Italian and English
Damilano, S. (2)
Storia Statistica della Marcia Italiana
Saluzzo, 2005
Italian race walking statistics up to 2005; in Italian (RD)
Darwin, B.  The game's afoot!: an anthology of sports, games and the open air Sidgwick and Jackson, London, England, 1926 "An anthology of sporting prose, including....W.Thom on Captain Barclay's 1,000 mile walk." (TM)
Donahoo, M.
History of the Victorian Race Walking Club Incorporated
Victorian Race Walking Club, ?, Australia, 2005

Dowling, G. (1)
The Bradford Walk 1903-2002
Bradford College, Bradford, England, 2002
History of the Bradford & County Walking Walking Association's Bradford Walk.  The history includes all winners and their finishing time for each decade, with photographs of local winners with some intetesting facts about the walk and archive material. The Author was the Secretary of Yorkshire Race Walking Club and of the Bradford and County Walking Association. (GD)
Dowling, G.  (2)
Yorkshire Race Walking Club: the first seventy years Bradford College, Bradford, England, 1982; second edition with additional photographs, 2007
An account of the history and characters of the club since its formation at the Osborne Hotel in Bradford in 1912. Included are mini histories of the now defunct 'Dick Hudson's' Walk and Morecambe 20k Walk and a list of club Centurions up to that time. The Author was the Secretary of Yorkchire Race Walking Club and of the Bradford and County Walking Association. (GD)
Egan, P. Sporting Anecdotes, Original and Selected Sherwood, Jones, London, 1825 (3rd edition) Walking material includes items on Barclay, Wilson, Powell
Edwards, J. The First Fifty Years New South Wales Amateur Walking Club, Australia, 1962 Club history (JP)
Erikson, T. Once Were Walkers Victorian Race Walking Club, Pascoe Vale, Australia, 2005 "The stories of the many champion racewalkers who made Victoria their home."
Frigerio, U. *
Marciando nel Nome d'Italia
UTEP, Milan, 1934
Autobiography of the triple Olympic Champon, including his races abroad; in Italian (MM)
Gale, W.  Life and Performances of William Gale, the celebrated Cardiff pedestrian J.A.Brooks, London, England, 1877 "Abrief account of the life of the dimiutive pedestrian....Gale contrasts the equally effective modes of progression of the walkers Harry Vaughan and Billy Howes." (TM)
Gilbert, J. & Howell, T.  Pedestrianism: a correct and minute journal of the time occupied by Mr.J.Stokes, of Bristol, during his walk of fifty miles per day for twenty successive days at Saltford, Somerset Bristol, England, 1815  A brief memoir of Mr. Stokes is prefixed (TM)
González, R. *
Autobiography (?Title?) Asi Gane, Castillo, Mexico, 1986  Autobiography of the Mexican Olympic Champion; in Spanish
Goulding, G.  Untitled Unpublished A book (600pp) compiled by the Canadian winner of the 1912 Olympic 10,000m walk (46:18·4). Held in the Weldon Library of the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada (SW)
Guilleux, F.  *
Le Sport de la Marche en France et à travers le Monde Ed. Jolibois, Bar-le-Duc, France, 1929  A history of walking in France and other countries; in French (JP) 
Harris, N., Harris, H. & Marshall, P.
A Man in a Hurry
de Coubertin Books, London, England, 2012
The Life and times of Edward Payson Weston, the nineteenth-century American pedestrian.
Havell, G.  Essex County A.A.A. Essex County Amateur Athletic Association, London, England, 1983 ISBN 0 9508 732 0 0 Centenary History; contains material on the County's walkers
Hollis, R.J.
The History of Track and Field Guernsey Athletics Part One 1885-1963
Guernsey Press Co., Vale, Guernsey, 2000 ISBN 0-9539166-0-X
History of General Athletics in the Bailiwick, with appropriate references to race walking
Hollis, R.J. & Langlois, R.
The History of Track and Field Guernsey Athletics Part Two 1964-2004
Sarnia Publishing, Guernsey
Continues the story from Hollis and covers the period in which walks were included in the Commonwealth Games.
Huntington-Whiteley, J.  The Book of British Sporting Heroes National Portrait Gallery, London, England, 1998 ISBN 1-85514-249-X Accompanied an exhibition at the Gallery; includes early portraits of Captain Barclay, Foster Powell and George Wilson (TM)
Innes, H. W. [Also TT] Race Walking Ewart, Seymour & Co., London, England, n.d. "A Primer of the Sport" An idiosyncratic view of race walking past and (as then) present. Apparently published in 1910. [Published price, 1/-] TM also describes it as "idiosyncratic"
Ivatt, I.  The Race  Vernon Books, Steyning, England, 2004 ISBN 0-9546925-0-0 "The story of the Easter Monday Walking Races in Steyning, West Sussex, England." Ian Ivatt was (2004) the President of Steyning Athletic Club
Javier Etayo, J., et al 22a Copa del Mundo de Marcha de la IAAF/22nd IAAF WORLD Race Walking Cup R.E.A.L. Madrid, Spain, 2006  "Statistics Handbook", including an Historical Introduction, many lists, etc. In Spanish and English
Jebb, M. Walkers Constable, London, England, 1986 Covers the exploits of long-distance walkers from Foster Powell to Ann Sayer
Jobin, M. *
Le Fou en Pyjama Libre Expression, Canada, 1980 The autobiography of the Canadian Olympian (SW) In French
Jones, J. An account of the greatest feats of pedestrianism that have ever been performed, or the life of James Jones Jones, Oxford, England, 1819  
Keddie, J.W.  Scottish Athletics 1883-1983: the official centenary publication of the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association The Association, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1982 ISBN 0-9508405-0-5  Contains a chapter on Race Walking in Scotland, from its earliest times (remembering that Captain Barclay was a Scot) (PO)
Korolyov. G.I.  *
(Also TT,M)
Da Zdravstvuyet Khodyba Mir Atlyetov, Moscow, Russia,2003
ISBN 5-98489-001-1
"Bible of Human Walking" In Russian. English Language version to be published late 2004/early 2005
Ladany, S.P. King of the Road
Gefen, Jerusalem, Israel, 2008
Autobiography of the Israeli walker, including first-hand account of Munich Olympics. (JM) Translated from the Hebrew
Lebon, C. and Libert, S.  *
La Légende des 28 Heures de Roubaix  Club des Marcheurs Roubaisiens, Roubaix, France, 2003  Issued to mark the fiftieth holding of the Roubaix 28 Hours; contains a description of the previous forty-nine, with start lists and results; many photographs. In what spirit it is intended who can say, but p.181 of 182 carries an advertisement for an undertaker! In French
Lennox, W.P. (1) Pictures of Sporting Life and Character: 2 vols Hurst and Blackett, London, England, 1860 Vol 1 refers to pedestrianism, dealing with Yates, Barclay and a 17-year-old Birmingham woman who, in 1820, walked 40 miles day for six successive days. (TM)
Lennox, W.P. (2) Fifty years: biographical reminiscences: 2 vols Hurst and Blackett, London, England, 1863 Deals with Barclay, Eaton, Crisp, etc. (TM)
Lennox, W.P. (3)  Sport at home and abroad: 2 vols Hurst and Blackett, London, England, 1872  (TM)[TM]
Lennox, W.P. (4) Celebrities I Have Known Hurst and Blackett, London, England, 1876 One of the celebrities was Catain Barclay and another was Thomas Standen. (TM)
Libotte, A.  *
La Marcia Ed.Sportie Italiane, Florence, Italy, 1964 General survey, mainly historical, for Enciclopedia dello Sport (JP) In Italian
Light, H.  Athletics - Endurance, Stamina Manchester Vegetarian Society, Manchester, England, 1906 "Lists successes of vegetarian walkers and runners in long distance events such as the Outfitters London to Brighton Walk..." (TM)
Lovesey, P.  Official Centenary History of the A.A.A. Guiness Superlatives, Ltd., Enfield, England, 1979
ISBN 0 900424 95 8
An entertaining and informative work, with a chapter on race walking and full lists of A.A.A. champions.
Maddocks, C.
Money Walks
The Author, ?, England, 2012
The autobiography of the five-time Olympian.
Marshall, P.
King of the Peds
AuthorHouse UK Ltd, Milton Keynes, England, 2008 ISBN 978-1-4343-3467-1(sc)
The story of long-distance racing, matches and challenges on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1870s and 1880s. Much detailed information on the events and personalities involved, including several mile-by-mile and hour-by-hour scores. An excellent work on a largely forgotten corner of walking's history.
Marshall, P.
Weston, Weston, Ra-Ra-Ra!
Author House, Bloomington, U.S.A., 2012 ISBN 978-1-4772-1507-4
"A Career Biography" of the Pedestrian Edward Payson Weston
Maxwell, T
From Tiny Acorns Giant Oaks Will Grow: The First Hundred Years of Woodford Green Athletic Club
The Club(?), Woodford(?), 2008
A limited edition of a massive work (803pp) detailing the history of what was once one of the leading race walking clubs in England. 45pp are devoted to walking and walkers, covering such names as Nielson, Pope, Roberts, Cooper, Richardson, Megnin, etc.
Miller, F., v.le Fort, P. and Harster, H. *
So kämpfte und siegte die Jugend der Welt
Knorr & Hirth, Munich, Germany, 1936
A memoir of the 1936 Summer Olympic Games. Miller was the starter for the track events. A short chapter deals with the 50k walk, a spectacular misprint giving Whitlock a winning time of 3:30:41·4, an hour short of the actual, although the correct performance is given in the tabulated results. Like Olympia 1936[Anon.(10)], it gives surprising prominence to the achievements of black athletes (and the Japanese) as well as Germany's 8-1 hockey defeat by India.  In German (Fraktur type.)
Morgan, W.A., ed. The 'House' on sport Gale & Polden, London, England, 1898 A history of sport in the Stock Exchange, London (the House); the section on race walking is by F.A.Cohen (BF)
Osterhoudt, R.G. A Brief History of Racewalking Osterhoudt, 1975 Author was Assoc. Prof of P.E. at University of Minnesota (JM)
O'Toole, D.  A Walk Through Time Dermot O'Toole, Douglas, Isle of Man, 2005 ISBN 1 873120 78 8  The History of the Isle of Man Parish Walk, from 1852, with description of each race; many illustrations. The author's finishes in the event run into double figures.
Pindar, P. The bench in an uproar!!, or Chop-fallen magistrate: a poem London, 1816? "A poem occasioned by the preoceedings consequent upon the arrest by the Greenwich magistrates of the pedestrian George Wilson....Author is possibly C.F.Lawler" (TM)
Radford, P.  The Celebrated Captain Barclay Headline, London, England, 2001  Subtitled "Sport, Money and Fame in Regency Britain"
The author is the former sprinter; an excellent biography covering all aspects of the Captain's life.
Rasmussen.E and Lassen, P. (1) [Also TT] *
Kapgang Dansk Gangforbund, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1962 Coaching & Statistics; in Danish (JP)
Rasmussen, E. and Lassen, P. (2) *
25 År Dansk Gangforbund, 1946-1971 Dansk Gangforbund, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1971 All time rankings; in Danish (JP)
Redaelli, D. and Narducci, F. *
Sesto San Giovanni; una città in Marcia
SEP editrice, 2007
The first 25 years of the Sesto San Giovanni event; in Italian (RD)
Roe, W. (1) A 75th Anniversary History of Ilford Athletic Club  Ilford Athletic Club, Hornchurch, England, 1998 ISBN 0 9532495 0 6 Contains summaries of the Club's walkers' performances
Roe, W. (2)  Front Runners - the first athletic track champions The Book Guild, Lewes, England, 2002 ISBN 1 85776 655 5 The history (1857-1875) of the Hackney Wick Track, with ancillary matters; one chapter and many other references to walking.  
Roe, W. (3)
Jack White "The Gateshead Clipper"
The Author, Hornchurch, England, 2007
A biography of the nineteenth-century runner and official; contains some interesting material on long distance walks and matches at the Agricultural Hall, London.
Russell, L., ed  The Saturday Book Hutchinson, London, England, 1951 A section by O.Cook and E.Smith compares the exploits of Gale and Barclay in some detail (TM)
Salvage, J.[Also TT] Race Walk Like a Champion- Technique, Training and History Walking Promotions, Medford, NJ USA, 2004
ISBN: 0-9655328-3-6
Contains material on U.S.A. race walking history
Sargent, H.R. 
Thoughts upon sport.... Photo-Prismatic, London, England, 1894 Includes an account of the life of Captain Barclay (TM)
Schaeffer, R. & Hedoin, J.M. *
Paris Strasbourg Colmar à la Marche de 1926 à aujord'hui
Cercle des Sports de France, Paris, France, 2008
Illustrated history of the celebrated long-distance race; in French.
Searle, J.D.  On the right track: contemporary Chriustians in sport Marshall Pickering, Basingstoke, England, 1987 Includes a chapter on Brian Adams, the English walker (TM)
Sedgwick, A.H. Walking Essays Arnold, London, England, 1912 Mentioned in Anon.(1) A strangely rambling work about variou forms of walking, perhaps noted most remarkably for its "Record-breaking is ultimately a degrading and (literally) a brutalising pursuit. It is the mere pitting of the brute animal powers against the brute inanimate conditions of time and space." So there we are, then!
Sharlott, J.  On the Starting Line a  historyof Athletics in Leicester Leicester City Council, Leicester, England, 1994 Contains maaterial on race walking. (TM)
"Stonehenge" see Walsh, J,H,

Sweet, W.E. Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece O.U.P., Oxford, England, 1987 Also includes some fascinating references to walking (TM)
Taylor, T., & Hopkins, J. Race Walking '71 J.A.Hopkins, Bolton, England, 1971 A review of 1970; reference is made to future editions, which seem not to have materialised.
Thom, W. Pedestrianism D.Chalmers & Co., Aberdeen, Scotland, 1813 Mentioned in Anon.(1), Radford Probably largely written by Captain Barclay "Almost certainly the first book on competitive athletics to be written in English." (TM)
Tibballs, G.
The Olympics' Strangest Moments
Portico, London, England, 2012
On the 10,000m walk at Helsinki: "To see a male Olympic walker in full cry is to be reminded of Barbara Windsor in a Carry On film, wiggling down the road in a tight skirt hoping to catch Sid James's eye ." On the women's 20k at Sydney: "When a TV reporter....asked Saville what she wanted, she answered simply: 'I'd like a gun, so I can shoot myself.' That's how many people feel at the thought of having to watch an hour and a half of race walking." They may also feel like that after reading such a book.
Tomlin, S.  Olympic Odyssey Modern Athlete Publications, London, England, 1956 Contributions by ten Olympic Athletes, including Harold Whitlock
Tregurtha, J. [Also TT] Race Walking in New Zealand New Zealand Race Walking Association, Hastings, N.Z., 2003 Introduction to technique, training principlea, history of race walking in N.Z. with Champions, representatives, etc.
Waddell, P.  Race Walking in Australia: An 80 Year Histury P.Waddell, Canberra, Australia, 1991  
Wallace, G.  Race Walking in America, Past and Present University of Texas at Austin, Austin, U.S.A., 1989
Walsh, J.H. ("Stonehenge")
[Manual of] British Rural Sports; comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Boating, and Pedestrianism
F. Warne & Co., London, England, 1856-1888
[Dropped "Manual of" from its title after 6th Edition, 1863] 35 pp (of  1012) of the 17th edition (1888) are on "Pedestrianism,  and the General training of Man". Walsh was of the "pint of beer for breakfast" persuasion. Amateur and professional walking and running records correct to Ocotber 1885, are given (for walking, amateur 1 mile to 120, professional 1 to 531).
Walthen, D.A. The Big Walk Prentice Hall, London, England, 1961 The story of the Butlin Land's End to John O'Groats race of 1960
Watman, M. (1) All-time Greats of British Athletics SportsBooks, Cheltenham, England 2006 78 brief biographies, including Tommy Green, Ken Matthews, Paul Nihill, Don Thompson and Harold Whitlock with their main career achievements.
Watman, M. (2) History of British Athletics Hale, London, England, 1968 A chapter (8 pages) on walking.
Watman, M. (3)
The Official History of the A.A.A.
SportsBooks, Cheltenham, England, 2011
Brings Lovesey up to date.
Watts, R.& Watts,K.  The Centurions: a History  The Centurions, London, England, 1997 The Official History
Webster, F.A.M. (1)
Athletics of Today: History, Development and Training
Frederick Warne & Co., London, England, 1929
One chapter (8 pp) on race walking. One of the best of authors on athletics looks at the late 19th/early 20th century.
Webster, F.A.M. (2)
Great Moments in Athletics
Country Life, Ltd., London, England, 1947
Interesting eye-witness reports of early Olympic walks. Photos of Larner, Goulding, Whitlock & Fowler-Dixon, the last-named running (intentionally).
Wilkinson, H.F. Modern Athletics The "Field" Office, London England, 1868 (later editions 1875,1877, 1880) "Finally there is ....a section on the feats of Captain Barclay, based on Thom's work. Essential reading." (TM)
Williams, C. ed. The History of Welsh Athletics Dragon Sports Books, Wales, 2002 A section on race walking (with pen portraits) by Jack Thomas (DA) 
Williams, G.
Run, Rabbit, Run, Rabbit, Run, Run, Run
George Williams, Burton on Trent, England, 2010
Autobiography of the member of the Lugano Cup-winning team, 1961, in which he finished third in the 20k; he had previously been a very succesful runner.
Wilson, G. (1) Memoir of the Life and Exploits of G.Wilson Dean and Munday, London, England, 1815? A general autobiography. His attempt to walk 1000 miles in 20 days ended in his arrest on a charge of creating a public disturbance. 
Wilson, G. (2)  A Sketch of the life of George Wilson the Blackheath Pedestrian who undertook to walk one thousand miles in twenty days, but was interrrupted by a warrant from certain magistrates of the district on the morning of the sixteenth day, after having completed 750 miles The Author, London, England, 1815 A further and more detailed publication by the unfortunate pedestrian (TM)
Wilson, G. (3)  The quizzical quorum, or, The fortunes and misfortunes of the Black Beaks of Blackheath: a new ballad, 2nd ed., corrected and enlarged showing how they stopped a poor labouring man, named George Wilson, with a comical warrant, whilst walking upon the King's highway  Wm. Hone, London, England, 1814? "Possibly written by Wilson himself" (TM)

Anon (4)  *
Svensk Gångsport ? Stockholm 1957 Large volume on Swedish walking in general; in Swedish (JP)
Anon (7) Race Walking; The Judging, The Organisation I.A.A.F., Monaco, 2004 (4th Edition)  The "Official" Guide to judging, recording, course design, etc. 
Anon (7) Race Walking; The Judging, The Organisation I.A.A.F., Monaco, 2006 (6th Edition)  The "Official" Guide to judging, recording, course design, etc.
Race Walking; A Guide to Judging and Organising
I.A.A.F., Monaco (6th Edition)
"A guide for judges, officials, coaches and athletes" In English. French and Spanish
Anon (9)  The performances of C.Hall, better known as C.Westhall Blanchard, Westminster, England "A small book which lists all matches made by the famous pedestrian." (TM)
Anon(11) *
Laufen und Gehen (Olympische-heft Nr.8)
H.A.Brown, Berlin, Germany, 1936
"Running and Walking", No. 8 in a series of publicity booklets produced for the 1936 Olympic Games. In German
Battle, M.P.  The Effect of Stride Rate on the Energy Expenditure of Race Walking in Men and Women M.Sc.Thesis; University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1982  The relationship was linear at 5, 6 and 7 m.p.h. (SS)
Bluteau, R. *
La Marche Athlétique Québec, Canada, 1975 Mentioned without commentary in (SS) In French.
Boyd-Topolski, M.E.
Kinematic Correlates of Elite Female Race Walking: a View of the Competition
Teachers College, Columbia University, ?, U.S.A., 1993

Browne, H.M.  Sporting and athletic records Methuen, London, England, 1894  "Possibly the most comperehensive compilation of records produced in the nineteenthn century....Running records are given for every mile up to 623 miles and walking records for every mile up to 531 miles." (TM)
Cooper, A.N. Walking as Education Headley Bros., London, England, 1910 Mentioned without commentary in (SS) Not mentioned in (TM)
Doty, A. H. Walking for Health Appleton, 1924 Mentioned in Anon.(1)
Dreyfeck, R.  The Complete Book of Walking Arco Publishing, U.S.A., 1981 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Eriksson, P.  *
Gång Sweden, n.d. Mentioned without commentary in (SS) In Swedish
Goldman, P.  Sporting Life: an anthology of British Sporting Prints British Museum Publications, London, England, 1983 ISBN: 0-7141-0793-X Exhibition Catalogue: includes portraits of Captain Barclay and George Wilson (TM)
Horlemann, W. *
Der Marsch und Gehsport G.D.R., 1951 Mentioned without commentary in (SS) In German
James, H.W. Race Walking ??, 1910 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Josey, A.
Race Walking
D.Moore, ?U.S.A.?, 1967

Knight, T. and Troop, N.
The Sackville Illustrated Dictionary of Athletics
Sackville Books, Ltd., Stradbroke, England, 1988
Short biographies of noteworthy athletes. The selection of walkers is inconsistent; Bautista and Gonzales are in, Matthews and Whitlock are not.
Korolyov, G.I.  *
Human Walking Encyclopaedia - The Bible of HumanWalking Mir Atletov, Moscow, Russia, 2004  Contains "Method of Moving, Health, Efficiency, Physical Improvement, Mastery, Records" In Russian, with Prospectus, Annotations and Contents in English.
Keshiva, A. and Rippe, J.  Fitness Walking for Women Raben Publishing Co., Boston, U.S.A., ? Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Korolyov. G.I.  *
(Also TT,HB,)
Da Zdravstvuyet Khodyba Mir Atlyetov, Moscow, Russia,2003
ISBN 5-98489-001-1
"Bible of Human Walking" In Russian. English Language version to be published late 2004/early 2005
Man, J. Walk! it could change your life Paddington Press, London, England, 1979 Includes a section on race walking
Marchetti, A.  Dr.Marchetti's Walking Book Stein and Day, U.S.A., 1979 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Margaria, R. *
Fisiologia muscolare e meccanica del movimento Mondadori, Milan, Italy, 1975 In Italian 
Marlow, P. (1)
The Judging of Race Walking I.A.A.F., London, England, 1989 First Edition"A Guide for Judges, Coaches and Athletes"; dates from the days of knee straightness "for at least one moment when in the vertical upright position."
Marlow, P.  (2)
The Judging of Race Walking I.A.A.F., London, England, 1992 Second Edition"A Guide for Judges, Coaches and Athletes"; dates from the days of knee straightness "for at least one moment when in the vertical upright position."
Matthews, P.
The Guinness Book of Athletics Facts and Feats
Guinness Superlatives, Ltd., Enfield, England, 1982
Walking and walkers have their fair share of attention.
McNab, T., Lovesey, P. and Huxtable, A. An Athletics Compendium The British Library, Wetherby, England, 2001 "A bibliography of books on track and field published in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland up to the end of the year 2000" (TM) See the Note at the top of the page about this invaluable work.
Monti, C. and Spada, R. *
Marcia Mondiale Vallardi, Milan, Italy, 1996 In Italian
Nicholson, G.
The Lost Art of Walking
Harbour Books, Chelmsford, England
ISBN 978 1 905128 15 0
"The History, Science, Philosophy, Literature, Theory and Practice of Pedestrianism" Chapter 5 is Eccentrics, Obsessives, Artists: Imaginary Walks with Richard Long, Captain Barclay, Werner Herzog et al. Refers to Barclay, Halifax, Child, Foster Powell, Anderson and La Chapelle.
Plas, F.,Viel, E. and Blanc, Y. *
La Marche Humaine- kinésiologie, dynamique, biomécanique et pathomécanique Masson, Paris, France, 1989 In French
Ralston, J.  Walking for the Health of It Scott Foresman, U.S.A. Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Reeves, S.  Power Walking Bobbs Merrill, U.S.A., 1982 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Richman, N.M.
Injuries in the Sport of Race Walking
San Diego State University, San Diego, U.S.A., 1987

Rowen, L. and Leiken, D.S. Speedwalking; the Exercise Alternative G.P.Putnam & Sons, New York, U.S.A., ?  Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Sedlak, V. The Walking Woman U.S. Shoe Corp., U.S.A., 1988 In connexion with shoe promotion. (TW)
Seiden, O.  Walk - Get in Shape the Easy Way Tab Books, Inc., U.S.A., 1985 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Strangman, D.  An Annotated Bibliography of Race Walking and Related Subjects, with Particular Reference to the Young Athlete. National Sport Information Centre, Belconnen, Australia, 1990 750 references (articles and books), with commentaries where possible. Mostly "related subjects". See the Note at the top of this page
Welch, J.
Out on Your Feet – The Hallucinatory World of Hundred-Mile Walking
Aurum Press, London, England, 2011
ISBN 978 184514 427 3
An account of an attempt by the author, a Fleet Street journalist, to meet the Long Distance Walkers' Association challenge of walking 100 miles in under 48 hours; mentions several Centurions, with detailed features of some. (DA)
Winkler, S. Walk - Don't Run Windward Publishers, Chicago, U.S.A., 1981 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Yanker, G. (1) The Complete Book of Exercise Walking Contemporary Books, Chicago, U.S.A., 1983 Mentioned without commentary in (SS)
Yanker, G. (2) Gary Yanker's Sportwalking Contemporary Books, U.S.A., 1987 " extensive section on flexibility training in which many of the basic exercises used by race walkers are described...."(SS)


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