The Championship was originally 100 kilometres; it was changed in 1987 to the "Long Distance Championship"
and is held in conjunction with an open long distance race in each year. In 1984, 1996 and 1998, no such races
were promoted. The Championship may be held on the road (R) or track (T)

Date and Venue Distance  Individual Winner Team Winner
1979 Birmingham 100k R P.Hodkinson (Cambridge) 9:46:36 Leicester 
1980 Sutton Coldfield 100k R I.Richards (Coventry) 9:45:46  Leicester 
1981 Stoke Mandeville  100k R G.Young (Boundary) 9:36:23  Boundary 
1982 Corby  100k R C.Berwick (Leicester) 10:02:03  Leicester 
1983 Boreham  100k R B.Adams (Leicester) 10:13:16 Leicester 
1984 not held       
1985 Colchester  100k T E.Shillabeer (Dawlish & South Devon) 9:41:54  York Postal 
1986 not held       
1987 Ewhurst  100m R J.Cannell (Boundary) 17:55:10  Boundary 
1988 Leicester  100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 17:00:35  Boundary 
1989 Hendon  100m R E.Shillabeer (Plymouth) 18:11:08  Medway 
1990 Leicester  100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 17:54:28  Birchfield 
1991 Ewhurst  100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 17:52:47  Surrey 
1992 Hungarton  100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 18:50:29
1993 Battersea Park, London  100m R C.Berwick (Leicester) 17:57:07 -
1994 Hungarton  100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 18:39:42  London Vidarians 
1995 Battersea Park, London 100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 19:27:16 Surrey 
1996 not held      
1997 Ware  100m T C.Flint (London Vidarians) 20:21:41  London Vidarians
1998 not held      
1999 Battersea Park, London 100m R R.Brown (Surrey) 19:08:16  London Vidarians
2000 Newmarket 24 hours R I.Statter (Surrey) 120m in 23:35:55  London Vidarians
2001 Colchester 100m R R.Dobson (Ilford) 19:46:11 London Vidarians
2002 Blackpool  24 hours T K.Perry (Southend) 182·591k London Vidarians
2003 Newmarket 100m R  P.Ryan (City of Sheffield) 19:57:35 London Vidarians
2004 Colchester 100m R I.Statter (Surrey) 20:10:31 Isle of Man Vets
2005 Kings Lynn  100m R S.Hands (Manx H.) 19:02:57 Surrey
2006 Douglas
100m R
S.Hands (Manx H.) 19:16:03

2007 Battersea Park, London
100m R
C.Flint (London Vidarians) 21:14:40
2008 Milton Keynes
100m T
I.Richards (Steyning) 19:37:11
2009 Newmarket
100m R
R.Brown (Surrey) 20:12:44
2010 not held

2011 Lingfield Park
100m R
I.Statter (Surrey) 21:12:25
2012 Colchester
Dom.King (Colchester) 18:13:11


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