1    The Scheme 

    The Race Walking Association operates a scheme to provide modest funding for the development of individual race walkers. The object is to assist walkers to improve their performance levels by helping them to do things that they would otherwise, through lack of finance, be unable to do.

2    Eligibility

    All race walkers are eligible to apply for funding grants provided that they are qualified to represent England, the Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey in international competition. There are no age limits set on the scheme.

3    Scope of the Grants

    It is important to stress that the grants are intended to assist walkers in improving and the use of funds will be restricted to specific purposes.

    Permitted use of the funds will include – but not exclusively – the following purposes:

    (a)    Participation in competitions beyond the walker’s normal scope;
    (b)    Medical treatment not otherwise readily available;
    (c)    Physiotherapy treatment not otherwise readily available;
    (d)    Special training or coaching assistance.

    The following uses of funds will not be permitted:

    (a)    Purchase of kit or equipment;
    (b)    Special diets or dietary supplements;
    (c)    Capital expenditure in general, except in very special circumstances.

4    Application

    Applications must be made to the Honorary General Secretary of the Race Walking Association. An application form may be found on the Association’s web site at:

    The Association’s preference is that the form is submitted electronically from the web site, but if necessary a copy of the form may be obtained from the General Secretary at:

    Heard’s Lane,
    CM15  0SF

    Telephone: 01277 220687   Fax.: 01277 212380  E-mail: [email protected]

    All sections of the Application Form must be completed (except the space provided for “other relevant information”, completion of which is optional).

5    Processing of Applications

    Applications will be considered by the Funding Special Subcommittee, consisting of the Honorary General Secretary (Peter Cassidy), the Chairman (Glyn Jones), the Honorary Treasurer (Bill Wright), the Coaching and Development Secretary (Mike Fox), Ann Perry and Pam Ficken. All applications will be held in confidence by the Subcommittee.

    The Subcommittee will feel itself free to consult or take advice from any other parties, while preserving the confidentiality of the personal details in the applications. It will also feel itself free to ask for further information from the applicants.

    There is no fixed time for applications, which will be dealt with as they are received.

6    Making of Grants

    Where the Subcommittee decides that a grant can be made, the applicant will be told as soon as possible and will be informed of any special conditions that may be imposed.

    The normal practice will be for the applicant to receive the funds after the carrying out of the specific purpose for which the grant is made. It will generally be necessary for the recipient of the grant to provide any receipts, etc., that may be called for and it will always be necessary for the recipient to make a written report on the success or failure of the purpose to which the grant is to be devoted. In cases of exceptional hardship, urgency or other special circumstances it may be possible for the Association to make a payment in advance.

    Please make your post-event report using the form at

7    General Considerations

    The Subcommittee is very aware of the extent of the Association’s finances and there is a limit both to the size of any individual grant and to the total amount that may be awarded in any financial year. For that reason, multiple grants to the same person in any one financial year must be considered unlikely and there will be no awarding of “open-ended” grants  or continuing bursaries.


Version 2
February, 2013