The Club listing is provided to give an idea of how far you may have to travel to find other race walkers and is done on a fairly coarse basis of postcodes.

This has its limitations. You may live, say, at the extreme eastern edge of a postcode area and the adjacent area to the west of yours may have its only Club at its extreme western edge, which could be many miles distant. On the other hand, Clubs tend to have their members scattered over areas larger than may be implied by their names. Our use of "nearest" and "adjacent" reflects this latter point and we bear in mind this geographical spread; when a postcode area has no active Clubs, this is indicated, and the nearest are listed; these will often be in the next postcode area, but in some cases will be in the next but one.

We stress that the location of the contact does not necessarily indicate the centre of the Club's Activities. As examples, Belgrave Harriers' contact lives in SM, while the Club's two headquarters are in SW, while Surrey Walking Club's contact lives in RH with the Club's headquarters in CR. Some Clubs' names imply coverage of a considerable area, such as Lancashire Walking Club and Yorkshire Race Walking Club; please bear this in mind.

If you have any problems with finding a Club, there are four possible lines of action:

1    Consult your Area Secretary here;

2    Consult the General Secretary;

3   Join a local "general" athletic club and convert them; click here for information on local non-walking clubs;

4   Start your own Club, which, if there are half a dozen of you, may be the best solution; click for advice on this.

Please note that if you ask for an Introductory Pack, you will receive a list of your "nearest" Clubs based on the postcode area of your address and the immediately adjacent postcode areas. For example, if you live in postcode area B, you will receive a list of clubs in postcode areas B, CV, DE, DY, LE, WR and WS.

Good luck and happy hunting!